Dexter Memory Training Program

Dexter is a fun, interactive memory program powered by AI. It was designed by memory coaching experts with a proven track record of helping tens of thousands of people train their memory, technical math skills, processing and reading speeds.

People are taught what to learn, not how to learn

Dexter is an innovative memory training program that increases the processing power of your brain.

The lessons are delivered to you in simple games with a personalized learning experience implemented with interactive AI. You can spend a few minutes, or a few hours a day with the learning modules.

What Happens When Kids Use Dexter?

They Have Higher Self Confidence

Who Can Use Dexter?

For Young Children

  • Teach them to think more creatively
  • Memory techniques that will allow them to learn new words
  • Enhance communication skills

For Parents

  • Improve communication with children
  • Keep track of your daily schedule
  • Boost your cognitive reserve

As a Professional

  • Remember names when meeting new people
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Process information faster and speed up response time

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